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Design Developing an Original Work of Art

Commissioning Original Stained Glass or Mosaic Designs

Studio artisan selecting glass for its color and texture to be used in a new design

Studio artisan selecting glass for its color and texture to be used in a new design

Commissioning an original work of art for your sacred space is an exciting and worthwhile endeavor.  At Emil Frei & Associates, we value having a continuous relationship with our clients throughout the design, fabrication, and installation process.

To begin: it is preferable that you include the Frei studio early in discussions about commissioning new stained glass or mosaics.  By communicating with clients, architects, and engineers from the start, we can avoid potential conflicts and better create a design integrated with the overall building.

We also use these early conversations to expand your understanding of the artistic mediums available, of design philosophies, and of the time and processes required to complete a project.

Next, we listen to your goals and aspirations for the project and discuss the project’s budget. We will always design within the parameters you set and work with you to achieve the best possible results. When well-executed, both the simplest and the most complex design can be extraordinarily beautiful.

Choosing a design team is the next important step. Every artist has a particular style and expertise, and we help you select an artist or group of artists most appropriate for your project.  Then, your project begins to take shape.  Conversations between you and the artist about content and style inform the design.

When a design is completed and approved, we establish a production schedule with you, contractors, and other parties involved.  Then fabrication begins.  During the fabrication process, we invite you to our studio to see your piece in production.  Once your piece is completed, the only remaining step is installation.

Installing the final window panel at "the Bishop's Chapel" in Atlanta, Georgia.

Installing the final window panel at “the Bishop’s Chapel” in Atlanta, Georgia.

The final day of installation
for a new stained glass window or mosaic is always exciting.  The artwork transforms a space
from something merely functional to something sacred. And it is heartening to know that future generations will be able enjoy its inspiring and elevating beauty.

Those involved in our process — clients, contractors, our employees, and many others — consistently tell us that the experience has been rewarding.
If you are interested in a new stained glass window or mosaic design, please contact us.